Being a good driver doesn’t only mean you are good in calculating spaces or making estimates. It also means being safe on the road while driving. Getting behind the wheel means you will be working with a dangerous machine. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, it is important to practice safe driving. Here are a few things you can do to be safe and smart while on the road. 

 Follow a safe distance 

It is important to maintain a 3-second gap with the next car. But when we are in a hurry, we often forget that. Keeping a safe distance is important. It can prevent bumping of the car in front of you if unanticipated traffic occurs. It can also allow you to escape easily or get out of tight traffic when there’s room to. 

 Don’t go over the speed limit 

Going over the speed limit is dangerous. It can cause accidents on the road there’s no argument about that. On top of that, it can cost you a pretty sum of money as well. Going over the speed limit will get you considerably fined. Better stick to the speed limit. 


Let other drivers know if you will be turning or changing lanes so they will be aware and can practice safety as well. Not doing so will get you some adversaries on the road. 

 Lower the music 

It is always nice to have music while driving whatever your preferred genre is. But turning the volume too high will not benefit you in any way. It can distract you while driving. You won’t be able to hear movements outside that will require your attention as well. 

 Don’t forget the seatbelt 

The one behind the wheel should always ask everybody in the car if they have snugly put on their seatbelts. If you have someone else traveling with you in the car, you should require them to wear their seatbelts. A good driver does. Seatbelts are there for a reason and that’s to save everyone’s lives should something happen. 

 Never drink and drive 

Alcohol and drivers never had a good relationship since time immemorial. Even if you only had a few drinks, it is never wise to get behind the wheels. If you insist on doing so, you put yourself and everyone else at stake. You can also spend a few days in jail. Better call a taxi or an Uber if you really want to drink that night. 

 Do not use the phone 

Some people can actually make calls or text while driving. But are they safe? No, they are not. It is not good to divide your attention. Putting the phone down is best. But if it is unavoidable or if you are expecting an important call or email, then find the nearest location where you can make a stop and use your phone there.  


Other good habits will, of course, include following road signs and practicing good and considerate parking. If you or somebody else gets involved in an illegal one, you can reach out to Tallahassee Towing Partners to address the situation as they work with the law as well. 

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