Common Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

What good will your makeup be if you don’t have the right tools to apply it? Makeup, when applied properly, can make you look the best you’ve ever been. You will need the right tools in order to achieve that. But as intimidating as makeup can be, so can the tools you will use to apply it.  


There are different ways to apply makeup. Brushes are one of the most common tools to apply them. Brushes come in different shapes and sizes. Not only that. Brushes also come in different bristle type, length, and density, which make it all the more confusing to use which one is for what part of the face. And that’s not the worse part. Makeup brush manufacturers don’t put labels on their brushes other than numbers. That won’t be a problem if your face is actually numbered but it’s not. Not to worry. Most of them include a manual or pamphlet in the package for your reference. You can also do your own research about it. You just need to familiarize yourself with if not memorize the brushes. But why does it matter? Brushes that look similar to each other can have the same effect, right? Well, not exactly. Here we give you a run through of the most widely used brushes and what they’re for. 

 Foundation Brush 

Foundation brush can come flat on two sides, or flat on the tips. Density also differs between manufacturers. It is used to apply your liquid or cream foundation for a smooth finish. 

 Powder Brush 

This brush is the easiest to recognize among all other brushes due to its size and bristles. A powder brush is big and has fluffy hairs used to distribute loose or compact powder across the face more easily. 

 Concealer Brush 

A concealer brush is used to conceal spots, blemishes, and imperfections. Its shape is flat and rounded, and its size is small.  

 Contour Brush 

This brush most usually has an angled shape: one end is higher than the other. This brush is somehow dense and is used to apply contour or bronzer to areas below the cheek, the jawline, and the forehead for that sculpted and slimmer look. 

 Blush Brush 

Blush brush can be mistaken for a contour brush because some shapes are angled as well. But the way to tell each other apart is the density. The blush brush is less dense than a contour brush.  

 Angled Brush 

Not to be confused with a contour and blush brush, an angled brush is used to apply eyeliner and brow product. Judging by that, you can tell that the size is pretty small. An angled brush is a flat and angled brush with tiny bristles. The design is so in order to apply eyeliner or brow pomade precisely.  


This list is only some of the brushes available for makeup application. There are a whole plethora of other brushes especially for the eyes alone. If you are finding a hard time applying makeup on your own more so if you have an upcoming event, then you can hire a professional to do it for you. Call The Tampa Makeup Artist for more information. 



Different Makeup Styles

The populace of women wearing makeup over the past few years has only been increasing. Thanks to influencers like celebrities, makeup gurus, enthusiasts, vloggers, etc, more and more people are finding the importance and beauty of wearing makeup. But when do you exactly wear makeup?  


Nowadays, makeup no longer has to be worn on special occasions. In fact, some women wear makeup on a daily basis. You might be thinking like a full-on makeup, but no. Lipstick is makeup. So, if someone wears just a lipstick and a mascara for the day, then she is already wearing makeup that’s simple. 


Makeup has different faces. When worn, it can cover up unwanted blemishes, make the face glow brighter, or give an overall new look. There are different makeup styles out there. Is there such a thing? Yes, there is. Read on to find out.  


Natural Makeup 

This is the style of makeup that only uses a few products in order to enhance or improve your facial features. It is considered light and not heavy, and easy on the eyes. Meaning, there are no striking colors involved.  


Makeup for the Evening 

This makeup style is also called Date Night Makeup. Unlike natural makeup, this style involves smoking the eyes out with darker shades of eyeshadow or putting on a bold color of lipstick like a true red. The idea is to have a flirty and sexy look for your date. Evening makeup should make you visible as well as natural light is different from artificial ones. 


Makeup for Prom 

For girls, going to prom can be one of the best or worst parts of high school. But either way, their makeup should be great. Prom is the time where teenagers should stand out. And since proms take place during the night, an evening look can be worn but it should be toned down and be friendlier for a teenager. It will not look very well if a 16-year-old looks like 30.  


Bridal Makeup 

Everyone at the wedding will be looking at the bride. There really is no limit in a bridal make up except for making the bride glow above the rest. Weddings can happen during daytime or night time. Whatever time of the day it is, brides usually go for a softer look that will complement their dress.  


Permanent Makeup 

This makeup isn’t really a style but a type of makeup. Still, we included it here for reference. This makeup is preferred by those who are low maintenance or simply do not have the time to put on makeup. As the term implies, this makeup is permanent and will last for a long time but will require a few retouches. Most permanent makeup is basically a tattoo or has the same concept to it. 


Mineral Makeup 

Mineral or organic makeup is gaining popularity over the years because of its inability to clog pores and cause more trouble to the skin. Although traditional makeup formulations nowadays are hypoallergenic, most if not all mineral makeup won’t cause allergies as well. It can also make skin better with more use. 


For more inquiries, contact The Orlando Makeup Artist if you live in or near Orlando. 

7 Good Driving Habits

Being a good driver doesn’t only mean you are good in calculating spaces or making estimates. It also means being safe on the road while driving. Getting behind the wheel means you will be working with a dangerous machine. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, it is important to practice safe driving. Here are a few things you can do to be safe and smart while on the road. 

 Follow a safe distance 

It is important to maintain a 3-second gap with the next car. But when we are in a hurry, we often forget that. Keeping a safe distance is important. It can prevent bumping of the car in front of you if unanticipated traffic occurs. It can also allow you to escape easily or get out of tight traffic when there’s room to. 

 Don’t go over the speed limit 

Going over the speed limit is dangerous. It can cause accidents on the road there’s no argument about that. On top of that, it can cost you a pretty sum of money as well. Going over the speed limit will get you considerably fined. Better stick to the speed limit. 


Let other drivers know if you will be turning or changing lanes so they will be aware and can practice safety as well. Not doing so will get you some adversaries on the road. 

 Lower the music 

It is always nice to have music while driving whatever your preferred genre is. But turning the volume too high will not benefit you in any way. It can distract you while driving. You won’t be able to hear movements outside that will require your attention as well. 

 Don’t forget the seatbelt 

The one behind the wheel should always ask everybody in the car if they have snugly put on their seatbelts. If you have someone else traveling with you in the car, you should require them to wear their seatbelts. A good driver does. Seatbelts are there for a reason and that’s to save everyone’s lives should something happen. 

 Never drink and drive 

Alcohol and drivers never had a good relationship since time immemorial. Even if you only had a few drinks, it is never wise to get behind the wheels. If you insist on doing so, you put yourself and everyone else at stake. You can also spend a few days in jail. Better call a taxi or an Uber if you really want to drink that night. 

 Do not use the phone 

Some people can actually make calls or text while driving. But are they safe? No, they are not. It is not good to divide your attention. Putting the phone down is best. But if it is unavoidable or if you are expecting an important call or email, then find the nearest location where you can make a stop and use your phone there.  


Other good habits will, of course, include following road signs and practicing good and considerate parking. If you or somebody else gets involved in an illegal one, you can reach out to Tallahassee Towing Partners to address the situation as they work with the law as well.